Private Wealth

Welcome to our digital boutique.

Starting today, our insurance services feature all the luxury of something made just for you. Squarelife, the tailored suit of insurance.

Superior digital power, the financial solidity of a Swiss group and personalized consultancy to protect your assets.
A new form of security, tailor-made by expert hands.

Private Wealth Insurance Services

We are the boutique of the Swiss Lifeware Group, devoted to international high net worth customers. We take the values of life insurance protection into the digital revolution. Put our experience to the test.

Speed and efficiency

We are the true pioneers of digital insurance, applying our expertise to private wealth insurance. Speed and operative excellence are our hallmark.


We can offer extensive protection thanks to a considerable insurance and reinsurance capacity, able to satisfy the most complex demands of international private customers.


Your assets are twice as safe, thanks to the prerogatives guaranteed by the legislation of Liechtenstein and the financial solidity of our Swiss group. Together, we are invincible.

Succession planning

The Squarelife insurance contract guarantees a quick and efficient distribution to life policy beneficiaries, with no setbacks.

Customized consultancy

We make all our experience available to you, to satisfy even the most complex planning needs.


Tailor-made protection

Our mission is to protect you and your assets, getting to know you. This is why we assign you a dedicated consultant who will be available day and night.


We have spent the last 25 years creating the tools to protect the things most important to you. Our Lifeware design platform [] is held in such high esteem, that it is the choice of 16 insurance companies across the globe.


Our digital insurance platform is innovative, paperless and has a sharp focus on safeguarding the environment.


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