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We all have things to protect: our family, health, homes and a great many other things. Squarelife allows you to protect their future with innovative, custom-designed solutions at an expense that fits into your household budget.

Our motto is clear: less is more. With this way of operating, we seek to simplify your life and the decisions made by each insured party. We aim to ensure you can live your life to the fullest, with the insurance that fits with your needs.

Squarelife provides simple, digital insurance – and this is why we are entirely online!

How long does it take
Your coverage can be finalised in less than a minute, with just a few, simple steps.

No bureaucracy, no paper, no loopholes or surprises in small print at the bottom of the page. Our long-standing experience in the field of digital transformation allows us to offer you everything you need in a single place, online.
Our digital platform is the quickest, clearest and most versatile around; for all insurance products.

We process your personal data in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with country-specific data protection regulations and with regulations governing the protection of data in insurance contracts. If you enquire about insurance cover, we use your information to stipulate the contract and estimate the risk. If you initiate an insurance policy, we then process this data to fulfil the contract, issue the policy and bill you.

Your personal data is very important to us. We take great care over collecting, managing and storing it very precisely and, above all, in complete compliance with your rights and with your full awareness. More information is available on our website.

Any complaints can be addressed to info@squarelife.li or the supervisory authority of Liechtenstein (FMA www.fma-li.li).


Still have questions?
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