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Squarelife is more
than just life insurance.

We are a team of people who simply put everything into what we do. We have been creating innovative solutions tailored to your needs since 2013.

We work alongside you to make the future a safer place, protecting you from the unexpected.

We have come a long way!

Today, we manage 50 products in 12 different countries, issuing 100 policies a day and have 15 independent partners.
We are part of the Lifeware family, the renowned the Swiss company that has been guiding the world of insurance through the digital revolution for more than 25 years. Our platform is the starting point from which to construct ambitious new projects together, ready to welcome you.

See for yourself, your peace-of-mind is just a click away.

Our values


Say goodbye to boring and unfashionable paperwork.

Our quick and secure online platform is always at your service. Paperless.


Our vision is simple: to grow and prosper alongside our customers and partners.

We work hard to break through ever more ambitious limits, together.


Our solidity is your safety.

In an ever more uncertain world, our deep-rooted financial stability has grown consistently over time.


Unity is everything at Squarelife – we work together to create a safer future.

Our mission is to protect you, while getting to know you . We have worked hard to get to where we are and simply cannot wait to accompany you to new heights.

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This is who we are!

Passionate people, building a safer future

Marta - Head of Operations

Marta is our "mathematical yoga teacher”. She is a mathematician who was born to become a professional and a meticulous software developer, and because of her passion for yoga, she has become an engaging teacher for her colleagues. Her motto is "I’m Winston Wolfe. I Solve Problems"!

Elisa - Back Office
Jörg - CSO

He joined Squarelife in 2015 as CSO. For those always asking what the letter “S” stands for: it´s not for special, it´s statistics, sales and skiing. So now you know everything about Jörg, including the second reason, other than Squarelife, for moving from Germany to Switzerland. Jörg is member of the German Actuary Association (DAV) and the Swiss Actuary Association (SAV).
He loves dogs too.

Anita - Complaints Officer

Anita joined Squarelife in 2013, taking charge of our client services in the areas of claims and compliance. She loves her job and as an expert collaborator, has been enjoying her work with the Squarelife family ever since. Speaking of family, Anita has built her own during her time with us and now has three sons to keep her on her toes!

Elias - CEO

Elias has exactly the skills you would expect by a mathematician (or a geek), but he also believes in alchemy and in crazy out-of-box ideas. Even though he is not a particularly skilled runner, he often finds inspiration on the go (or in the shower).

Irma - Junior Product Manager / Customer Care

Irma joined Squarelife in 2022 with her 10-year experience in life insurance business. Working for a company with freedom to decide, in short decision-making processes, living a mutual appreciation and working together on something great, makes her happy. She's a friendly, positive & motivated person and the well-being of all people is important to her. Enjoying nature in all seasons of the year with friends & family is one path to balance her life. By the way, she loves cats - and dogs too

Manuela - Customer care (and happiness)

Manuela other than working with passion for the Squarelife team, she is a proud mother of three and a therapist. Taking care of people is one of her main purposes in life. That's why Manuela is the right person for our customer service. She always tries to help our customers both on a practical, trying to make their problems ours, and on the human level also: this is Squarelife's main goal.

Marten - Head of Claim

Marten first appreciated the Lifeware services from a customer point of view. In 2015 he switched sides and joined Lifeware as Managing Director for Germany. Since then, Marten has brought his vast experience in insurance products, especially his expertise in claims, into the Squarelife family. Marten is a big football fan. Funnily enough, this passion played a part in his introduction into the insurance business; his first employer was the sponsor of his favorite team.


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